Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Perhaps I should have announced this earlier: I stopped updating this weblog when the American flag covered the statue of Saddam in Baghdad. I may start blogging in another web site where I may take new positions since Saddam Hussein's dossier is now closed and new policies and new strategies will be taken in the continuum of the war against terrorism. If I did restart blogging, I will put the new website's link here. Thank you for reading this weblog and enduring my irregularity in updating.
May humanity defeat atrocity.
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

From the bottom of my heart...

Way to go! Baghdad's free, Saddam's hopefully in the hell, and the breeze of freedom is flowing in the streets of Baghdad. "Thank you Mr Bush, thank you," the Iraqi man jubilates (watch the first movie on the side column of the same BBC page). I wish I was there to blow my pantofle of wrath on the image of one of the most brutal leaders of the history, as Iraqis do! If officials don't prohibit, the Tehranis, Abadanis, Ahvazis, and the residents of many other cities will have the same happy fete in Iran (and they may celebrate this victory of the mankind over dictatorship even if officials do prohibit-- I'm sure they don't care much about what their dense officials order!)
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Saturday, April 05, 2003

This is what a lot of us were looking for for a while. Go find the names that Mullahs deserve!
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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Another Iranian...
This makes me believe that as long as Saddam's ominous life goes on, Iranians will not have a moment of safety and security, and neither will the rest of the world. Kaveh Golestan has been a very well-known cameraman and journalist among Iranians. My condolences to his family and friends.

Monday, March 31, 2003

Cute Compatriots
Al-Jazeera TV's website got hacked for the second time by an Iranian hacker. A very serious prank warning Al-Jazeera of its extremism. Although I generally don't appreciate hacking a website, whatever the website might be, but Al-Jazeera really needs these types of alarm signals.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

The Middle Ages Are About to Begin in The Arab World
These words are the ones Iranians were screaming 25 years ago which resulted in the current fanatic regime. Another support for my claim: Iranians are not Arabs. They are at least a century ahead of Arabs!

Friday, March 28, 2003

Ayatollahs' Thugs to Break the Windows of The British Embassy in Tehran
This is such a shame. Thank God, we have President Khatami in power, otherwise, another hostage crisis was not unlikely. What a disease ignorance is, and what tragedies take place when it coincides with brutality!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Iranian Girl speaks metaphorically...
"the only things I want is solitude & a clear window that let me look at raining through it, but seems that I can have none of them"
Isn't that what all of us need but lack? The war on Iraq and its aftermaths have already stolen our solitude and the paradoxical media reports have left no clear window for us to see what really goes on in Iraq. Simple but eloquent, Iranian Girl!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Iran's First Serious Anti-war Protest
I've heard from my relatives in Iran that the Iranian government has called for an anti-war protest on the 28th of March. I just wanted to point out that this will be another rally performed by Ayatollahs' constant supporters (who are very few in number), and I'm sure that the reporters of IRIB will again exaggerate the numbers and their cameras will magnify the vastitude of the rally.The Iranian people have not yet forgotten Saddam's genocides.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

U.S. Apology
The United States apologized for the errant missiles that hit southwestern Iran yesterday.
Iran is not involved in this war and must not be hit by American or British missiles because only the innocent people will be the victims of such incidents-- they are actually a lot more than just incidences, they are tragedies.
This reminds me of The Persian Gulf War in which a US bomb hit an Iran Air passenger aircraft flying on the Persian Gulf killing a more than 300 innocent passengers. At that time the US didn't even apologize. If the purpose of this war is to bring democracy to Iraq and reinforce security in the US and the world, our American and British friends must be more prudent, at least not to damage the citizens of a country which is not involved.
Just received this e-mail apparently from NewsMax:

French Products and Companies to Boycott

Dozens of readers have written in asking for a list of French companies products to boycott. After all, some are well known, but many are not. Here goes.

The gang at FrogWeenies ( notes: "France's behavior in front of the UN has been disgraceful. Their attempts to block, veto and prevent the US lead military action in Iraq does not promote peace, it simply reinforces the will of tyrants and terrorists."

It lists French products to boycott. You will probably be surprised to learn the French own everything from Wild Turkey to Car & Driver to Motel 6 to cheesy Spencer Gifts to disgusting Democrat schlock-show host Jerry Springer.

Also, check out NewsMax's Boycott France Ad Campaign - Join the Boycott - Click Here Now!

Air France. Air Liquide. Airbus. Alcatel. Allegra (allergy medication). Aqualung (including: Spirotechnique, Technisub, US Divers, and SeaQuest). AXA Advisors

Bank of the West (owned by BNP Paribas). Beneteau (boats). BF Goodrich (owned by Michelin). BIC (razors, pens and lighters). Biotherm (cosmetics). Black Bush. Bollinger (champagne).

Car & Driver Magazine. Cartier. Chanel. Chivas Regal (scotch). Christian Dior. Club Med (vacations). Culligan (owned by Vivendi).

Dannon (yogurt and dairy foods). DKNY. Dom Perignon. Durand Crystal.

Elle Magazine. Essilor Optical Products. Evian.

Fina Oil (billions invested in Iraqi oil fields - but note that the French do not own the the Fina gas stations in the U.S.). First Hawaiian Bank.

George Magazine. Givenchy. Glenlivet (scotch).


Jacobs Creek (owned by Pernod Ricard since 1989). Jameson (whiskey). Jerry Springer (talk show).

Krups (coffee and cappuccino makers).

Lancome. Le Creuset (cookware). L'Oreal (health and beauty products). Louis Vuitton.

Marie Claire. Martel Cognac. Maybelline. Mephisto (shoes and clothes). Michelin (tires and auto parts). Mikasa (crystal and glass). Moet (champagne). Motel 6. Motown Records. Mumms (champagne).

Nissan (cars; majority owned by Renault). Nivea. Normany Butter.

Parents Magazine. Peugeot (automobiles). Pierre Cardin. Playstation Magazine. ProScan (owned by Thomson Electronics, France). Publicis Group (including Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising).

RCA (televisions and electronics; owned by Thomson Electronics). Red Magazine. Red Roof Inns (owned by Accor group in France). Renault (automobiles). Road & Track Magazine. Roquefort cheese (all Roquefort cheese is made in France). Rowenta (toasters, irons, coffee makers, etc.). Royal Canadian.

Salomon (skis). Seagram's Gin. Sierra Software and Computer Games. Smart & Final. Sofitel (hotels, owned by Accor). Sparkletts (water, owned by Danone). Spencer Gifts. Sundance Channel.

Taylor Made (golf). Technicolor. T-Fal (kitchenware). Total gas stations.

UbiSoft (computer games). Uniroyal. Universal Studios (music, movies and amusement parks; owned by Vivendi-Universal). USFilter.

Veritas Group. Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Vittel. Vivendi.

Wild Turkey (bourbon). Woman's Day Magazine.

Yoplait (The French company Sodiaal owns a 50 percent stake). Yves Saint Laurent.

Zodiac Inflatable Boats.
Remember, the best way to support America and our troops is to buy American.

Note: People have written in that Grey Goose vodka is French, but FrogWeenies writes, "After a thorough check of the brand, we are confident Grey Goose is an American brand, owned by an American company." People have sent NewsMax more reports of French companies, and if we can confirm them we'll post them.